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Customized ERP For Tailored Requirements

Specific and unique processes

It is not uncommon that clients want us to provide them a customized ERP for tailored requirements to fulfill specific and unique processes. Softegic has wealth experiences, knowledge and skills to accomplish the assignment at most economical, effective, and efficient way. To this end, clients could be highly easy to establish two-ways fluent communication with Softegic as we speak manufacturing languages, apply manufacturing linguistics, and think like a manufacturing professional. In addition, our in-depth and in-breadth understanding of advanced computational algorithms and representations enable us to transform specific requirements into state-of-the-art solutions.

Feature and Functionality Richness

ERP-Lite™ covers the following feature and functionality:

Master Setup
Company Profile Customer Master Direct Material Master
Product Master Important Point Route master
Calendar Elementary Code Supplier Master
Indirect Material Master Finishing & Degreasing Work Center Master
Machine Master Forex
Master Setup
Quotation Forecast/Blanket Order Sales Invoice Analysis
Sales Order Sales Order Analysis
Purchase Requisition Purchase Order Analysis Supplier Performance
Purchase Order Outstanding Purchase Order
Receiving Material Issuance/Return Material/Part Scrape
Material Cycle Counting Stock Balance Inquiry Available to Promise Inquiry
Material Return to Supplier Material Claim Finished Good Cycle Counting
Finished Good Stock-in Stockcard Inquiry
Bill Of Material
Single-level BOM Where-used BOM Multi-level BOM
Production Planning & Control
Backward Scheduling Manual Job Order Dispatch Job Order
Product Composition
Shop Floor Control
WIP Transition Yield Performance Job Order Transition Inquiry
Direct Labor Overhead Shop Floor Activity Job Order History
MRP & Forecast
Standard MRP Weighted Moving Average Moving Average
Exponential Smoothing
IQC Inspection IPQC Inspection Customer Complaint
First Article Inspection OQC Inspection Part Defective
DO/Invoice Profoma Invoice Picking Operation
Grand Invoice Customer Return
Accounting Package

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